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CPG offers competitive and efficient bunkering services in Nacala. With own storage and in-port delivery barge we can accommodate and supply different grades of marine fuels both at anchorage and at berth.

Our vessels have vast experience in STS operations, having transferred over 500.000 tons of fuels, operating in Nacala since 2018.

Civitas Partners Group is an investment and private project development group operating in Southern Africa since 2012.


Estabelecer serviços de bunkering fiáveis e eficientes em Moçambique, através da oferta de uma gama de combustíveis navais às embarcações que navegam no canal de Moçambique, em concorrência com outros pólos importantes da região.

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Segurança operacional de todos os nossos funcionários e tripulações. Satisfação do cliente de acordo com as melhores práticas internacionais. Proteção ambiental por meio da implementação de medidas e procedimentos preventivos.

Our Services & Products


All of our vessels have segregations for multiple grades, allowing CPG Bunkering to offer the storage and bunkering services on a wide range of marine fuels to our clients. The combination of floating storage and delivery barge also permit our products to be competitively positioned.


We own CPG Iska, a 1.380 DWT in-port bunkering barge delivering HFO and MGO within Nacala port jurisdiction.


We own the vessel Deniz Sultan, a 112.000 DWT Aframax, working as a floating storage in Nacala.


CPG Bunkering fuels are in accordance with ISO 8217:2017/2010 and we use only internationally certified entities for quality and quantity reporting.

Our fuels are competitively sourced and our vessels are equipped with certified hoses and fenders and calibrated flow meters, ensuring safety, precision and operational efficiency.

Track Record in Fuel STS Operations

For the past 3 years our team has gathered significant operational expertise in handling different grades of marine fuels through STS operations with several vessels and global ship owners.


STS Operations Performed
by Deniz Sultan

Since 2018 we have performed over 100 fuel ship to ship operations between Deniz Sultan and various tankers


STS Operations Performed
by CPG Iska

Since she started operating in Nacala in 2020, CPG Iska undertook over 50 fuel ship to ship operations


Tons of Fuel
Oil Handled

Our team has safely handled with zero incidents over 450.000 tons of fuel oil with both owned and chartered vessels


Tons of MGO

Our vessels have handled over 50.000 tons of marine gasoil through ship to ship operations in both Mozambican and other ports in the region

Bunkering in Nacala

The port of Nacala in Mozambique is situated at Longitude 40º 40′ E and 14º 27′ S. The Nacala bay is large and sheltered with waters up to 100m deep and an entrance that is 800m wide. Nacala Bay is one of the finest natural deep-water harbours in Africa.

The dedicated bunkering area in Nacala Port is located at the inner anchorage, free of oceanic swell, with depths of around 35 meters.


MT Deniz Sultan is a 112.000 DWT Aframax Tanker (OBO) currently moored in Nacala inner anchorage. She has 7 tanks and 3 double valve segregations and is presently storing HFO and MGO. The vessel is equipped with certified fenders and hoses for STS operations and has recently been vetted and cleared for STS operations by major tanker operators.


CPG Iska is 1.350 DWT in-port bunkering barge with capacity to deliver 2 grades within the port limits of Nacala. With 12 tanks and 2 segregations, CPG Iska is currently divided in 700 cbm clean product and 700 cbm dirty product. She is equipped with all fenders, hoses and flowmeters required for bunkering operations.

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